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Discovery of century old mystery puts a powerful international foundation at risk.  Who is the rightful heir to the Graymoor wealth – and how far will someone go to hide the truth?

Clifford Graymoor was a History teacher.  He had the Graymoor name – in fact was the only living man with the Graymoor name - but he was no heir.  Only the line of Peter Graymoor could inherit, especially since his twin, Simon was disinherited.  In the complicated rules of “entailment” Cliff could inherit only if Peter predeceased his father, and Simon, his twin, was never reinstated as an heir before his father’s death.

The only treasure Clifford had was the Graymoor name.  Or so he thought…


Now, more than a century later, the Foundation’s Board has decided that Peter’s estate, Graystone, was to be restored and opened to the public.  Work was to begin immediately, and as a Historian and a Graymoor - Cliff was put in charge.  That's when the strange things began to surface.  Booby-traps, sabotage, and cryptic pages of a diary.  But the real secret of Graystone was hidden, and the key to its discovery was in a mysterious journal named “The Hyde Papers.” 

Cliff sets out on quest to find the truth with his “almost” high school sweetheart, Amy.  Then throw in the alluring, ambitious director of The Graymoor Foundation, Lyndsie Bainbridge, and a charming and rather roguish British reporter, Zach Malone.  Add to the mix Cliff’s indomitable aunt, Katherine Bane - preserver of the heritage of Absalom Bane - you’ve got a tasty mess of motives and mysteries!

About Sandy

Sandy Brownlee is a red-head (according to the bottle from Sally’s). She is a wife (according to her husband Denny). She is an actress… she is a writer… she is a “creator.” So what has she “created?” Seven full length radio dramas... eight full-length stage productions... an original screenplay or two… and eight original sketch comedy dinner theaters. She has also written and directed youth theater productions, written a Children’s Church curriculum, and was co-creator of Discovery Jones, an original children's TV program for INSP, a Christian cable network.

Now she has embarked on a new adventure.  She has written her first novel, The Mirror Lies, published by Wordcrafts Press (  

And where would a writer be without 

encouragement from her mentors?


"In Sandy Brownlee's debut novel brings to life all of the things that captivated me as a child about agreat story. Suddenly, I was twelve again reading by flashlight after bedtime about the mysterious past of the Graymoor's and their legacy. Complete with hidden rooms and secret diaries, old graveyards and dusty attics the atmosphere of The Mirror Lies is layered in mystery, history, and a well of secrets must be revealed before the truth is brought to light. Ms. Brownlee's novel well serves all those fans of historical fiction with just the right dash of mystery, intrigue and romance."

~ River Jordan, Author of Praying for Strangers; The Gin Girl; and Saints in Limbo

 “You've heard that ‘the mirror never lies’ but in this case, that's a lie. With a single look at this mirror, I was helplessly pulled into a riveting story of intrigue and suspense that would not let me look away until the last page. Sandy Brownlee's The Mirror Lies is a masterful novel that will keep you gazing, guessing and groping for the truth.”

- Jenny L. Cote, Award-winning Author of The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz and The Epic Order of the Seven series.

“Secrecy, scary graveyards, old diaries, and    keepsakes hidden in dusty, musty attics are the backdrop for The Mirror Lies.  Sandy Brownlee has mastered the art of weaving mystery, history, and romance.  Better makeroom on your Keepers Shelf for this one, ‘cause you’ll want to read it again… and again!”

~ Loree Lough, bestselling author of 115 award-winning books, including reader favorite “50 Hours”

“Sandy Brownlee's debut novel is a gem of a book for anyone who enjoys suspense! There's romance too, and a dash of history, and a dollop of humor--all the ingredients of a truly engaging read. Sandy, I hope we'll see your next book soon!”

      ~ Ann Tatlock, novelist, editor and children's book author


I'd love to know what you think of The Mirror Lies.  And I'd love to let you know about extra content I'm creating around this  story!  I'm also  creating a serialized novel around  The League of the Gray.  (Shhh!  It's a secret order of Senior Citizens that save the world... with the help of their grandchildren)!

One more thing - I'll soon be setting up a shopping cart for my audio dramas, comedy sketches, stage plays. and other playful offerings.

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